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Emergency Repair Grant

The Town of Riverdale Park is soliciting grant applications from homeowners in Town. Owner occupants of residential property within the Town of Riverdale Park, who demonstrate a need for assistance, may apply. This grant program is designed to assist homeowners with emergency repairs in homes that would otherwise not be addressed. An "emergency repair" is defined as a situation that is life threatening, or one that prohibits someone from living in decent, safe, and sanitary conditions. Examples of eligible uses include: hot water tanks/systems, HVAC equipment, broken or blocked sewer lines, roof leaks, and storm damage. Ineligible uses include: general expenses, utility bill payments, loss of personalty, or loan payments. The maximum amount of the grant will be $2,000 for each awardee. All programs and initiatives are subject to funding availability and the Town reserves the right to amend, modify or cancel this program at any time with or without notice.


1) Applications must be completed online or mailed to Town Hall (5008 Queensbury Road, Riverdale Park, Maryland 20737) or sent via e-mail to

2) A staff team will review the applications and make approval for funding. 

3) Grantees will be notified of the award. 

4) The Town will disburse the approved grants as reimbursement once grantee provide record of payment for the work.


Prior to submitting this application please note: 

● Grantees must own and reside in property (for which the grant applies to) within the corporate limits of the Town of Riverdale Park and must follow all Federal, State, County and Town laws, codes, rules, and regulations at the time of application and remain in compliance throughout the funding period. 

● Grantees must continue to reside within the Town of Riverdale Park at least one (1) year after receiving this grant. Grantees who fail to comply with this provision will be subject to recoupment by the Town for the full grant amount. 

● Grants shall require a 1:2 match for the first one thousand dollars ($1,000) and a 1:1 match thereafter. For example, when an applicant spends up to $500.00 the Town will match each dollar spent with two dollars from the program ($1,000 if the applicant spends $500). To receive the last $1,000, the program requires the applicant also spend $1,000. To request the full $2,000, an applicant must provide invoices for $3,500 of work. Work must be done by a licensed contractor.

• Grant funds are administered as a reimbursement. Grantees are required to submit proof of expenditures that match the grant application. Please contact the Office of Development Services at 240-825-5333 for any questions about this grant program.

Application Forms: