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Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Office of the Town Manager John N. Lestitian Town Manager (301)-927-6381
Office of Finance & Employee Services Paul Smith Director (301)-927-6381 Ext: 507
Office of Finance Services Gentry Jones Finance Program Specialist (301)-927-6381 Ext: 502
Office of Administrative Services Jessica Barnes Town Clerk (301)-927-6381 Ext: 505
Office of Administrative Services Waverly Pollitt Administrative Assistant (301)-927-6381 Ext: 500
Office of Development Services Kevin Simpson Director (301)-927-6381 Ext: 509
Office of Development Services Bradley Goshen Neighborhood Improvement Specialist (301)-927-6381 Ext: 514
Office of Development Services Jonathan Greene Neighborhood Improvement Specialist (301)-927-6381 Ext: 508
Department of Public Works James Davis Operations Manager (301)-927-6381 Ext: 592
Department of Public Works Janice Euell Executive Associate (301)-927-6381
Police Department David Morris Chief of Police (301)-927-4343
Police Department Robert Turner Commander, Bureau of Patrol (301)-927-4343 Ext: 569
Police Department Andrew Powell Commander, Bureau of Support Services (301)-927-4343 Ext: 575
Police Department Anna Wendland Executive Associate (301)-927-4343 Ext: 561
Police Department Colleen Ferguson Special Duties Assistant (301)-927-4343 Ext: 576
Police Department Lani Lindsey Telecommunicator Supervisor (301)-927-4343 Ext: 565
Police Department Tracey Perrin Records and Parking Permit Manager (301)-927-4343 Ext: 566
Department of Public Works Ivy Lewis Director of Public Projects and Services (301)-927-6381 Ext: 593